Ability to repay rule CFPB help homeowners keep their homes Worried

CFPB ability to repay rule helps homeowners keep their homes Worried

Consumer Protection Financial Bureau (CFPB) announced its new rule to protect borrowers home mortgages irresponsible lenders require to ensure that potential buyers have the ability to repay the loan mortgage. Home Destination, a Minneapolis real estate agent with RE / MAX Results, Touch homebuyers on how to have the rule.

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) January 11, 2013

The Financial Consumer Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced its new large rule set that will protect borrowers against mortgage lenders requiring irresponsible order provide potential buyers have the ability to repay their loan owner hypoth├ęcaire.Accueil Destination

Thuening Jenna puts it simply: “. CFPB mortgage standards are published to help stop foreclosures because of the type of subprime loans led to the crisis in the housing market “rule defining a” qualified mortgage “means a borrower can really effectively s’ expect to pay, while eliminating impaired loans extended to owners of the capacity that many face foreclosure and could not stay in their homes. “

In the balance, the CFPB can not not limit the choice home buyer in creating inequality between “Too big to fail” institutions and thousands of small businesses from loans. sticky point is the rule QM surrounding the mandate of the Dodd-Frank Act of a maximum of three per cent on the points and fees. Owners should the main protection of purchasing a home with the best mortgage information included in the screening of candidates that ensures their ability to repay the loan.

The owners must also protect

“a better understanding of their right of redemption and reinstatement mortgage if facing foreclosure,” said Thuening.

In a January 10th

publication entitled “Ensuring consumers have access to mortgages they can trust,” the CFPB noted that new rule is ideal for homeowners because the impact their credit is less harmful than a foreclosure. owners who were seized on may be able to buy another home in as little as two to three years after a Short Sale, compared with a typical seven years to wait after a foreclosure.

Key aspects of our new capacity to repay



Sees The main features of a mortgage loan quality as:

1) the initial points and overage charges are not allowed: A QM limits points and fees previously used at times to beautify the loan originator compensation, such as loan officers and brokers. When lenders tack on points and fees for excessive installation costs, which leads to responsible borrowers pay a lot more than expected when buying and needing mortgage best information.

2) No toxic characteristics of a loan: A QM can not be created with too risky loan features, such as terms beyond 30 years and interest payments only if it increases homeowners the principal loan amount. During the period that preceded the crisis, home buyers took on too risky loans they did not understand.

3) There is a limit on the percentage of an income homeowners can go to debt: QM is expected to get approval for the owners who have a debt to income (DTI) ratios less than or equal to 43%. This requirement ensures home buyer are safer, just make a mortgage they can not afford probable.

4) Eliminate the risk of negative amortization:. actually the amount due when ownership is increasing at a time because the borrower does not even pay the interest of home loan and unpaid interest is added to the amount borrowed

The National Association of Mortgage (NAMB) immediately told the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced ability to repay the rules prescribed by the Dodd-Frank Act, also known as qualified mortgage (QM). NAMB sees itself as a defender of human owners working to ensure that borrowers in trouble at home have the ability to repay the mortgage and buy a home with a loan quality.

the CFPB’s efforts to reach out to the housing industry for feedback about these rules is positive the Bureau’s role is huge and difficult to create a rule to protect consumers against bad loans designed believes Thuening.

The emphasis is on creating a win – win scenario when purchase a home. Lack of mortgage quality and clear information have limited success too may potential applicants home loan. According Touch the White House about the new rule, “Consumers should be able to trust the American dream property without fear of losing the roofs over their heads and the shirts on their backs. ability to repay rule will ensure that lenders and consumers share the same financial incentives – they both win when borrowers can pay their loans “

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